We're looking to grow our Haskell team

Posted on March 20, 2019 by Denis Redozubov

I’m happy to announce we’re looking to grow our Haskell team. We have a few spots for Haskell developers, you can work remote or on-site in our office in the center of Moscow.

We’re looking for a developer well-versed in typed functional programming. You’ll be a part of a Haskell team that push our projects in the domain of air travel even further.

Every day you’ll be working with:

  • Huge Haskell codebase (>100KLOC)
  • A lot of industrial software such as PostgreSQL, Kafka, rabbitmq, ELK, redis, nix, hazelcast, prometheus and so on
  • A team of passionate haskellers
  • Problems that need solving

We expect you to:

  • have experience writing and reading modern Haskell code and understanding common pitfalls
  • have at least a few years of experience doing projects in a typed FP language
  • communicate well and be a part of a team rather than a solo player
  • be passionate about what you do
  • be able to learn new things and concepts with passion
  • have a solid understanding of how big applications are built and operate
  • engage in a code review process
  • approach every problem from a rational standpoint and let it be driven by a good design or a deadline if time is priority
  • take initiative and report bugs, fix small things along the way and discuss refactoring possibilities with a team

Bonus points for:

  • an ability to demonstrate open source projects and experience maintaining it
  • an experience in delivering value while working remotely
  • an expertise in an interesting field of CS you can bring to the team
  • good understanding of advanced FP concepts(type-level programming, proof-carrying etc)
  • extensive experience working with a major RDBMS such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSql

Work benefits:

  • Remote work
  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive salary
  • An ability to grow within in a company